Why did you include the concept of neuropozyne? As far as I know, the human body would only reject foreign living tissue- after all, people already have pacemakers and hip replacements made of synthetic materials inside the body, and they have no problems. I understand that it may have been difficult to exacerbate social divides without an expensive drug to drive society apart, but surely the prevalence, initial and running costs of the latest biotech would have been enough? Fantastic game btw!

Possible spoilers below:

Lead narrative designer Mary DeMarle says:

Including the concept of Neuropozyne in the game did help us to exacerbate the social divides in the game — as you point out — but it was also important for several other story reasons. First, it gave us a way to clearly illustrate Adam’s uniqueness. Second, it made for a cool side quest. And third, it allowed us to make some nice tie-ins to DX1 and a certain drug company that’s run by Illuminati members…”

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